How much is Konica Minolta Worth

Konica Minolta, Inc. is a Japanese technology firm with headquarters Marunouchi, chiro da, Tokyo. It has offices in forty-nine countries in the world. It manufactures industrial and business imaging products like laser printers, copiers, digital printing systems, and multi-functional peripherals for the production printing market. The managed printing services of Konica Minolta are called the optimized print service. This company also manufactures optical devices like LCD film and lenses, graphics and medical imaging products like X-ray image processing systems, X-ray film, and color proofing system. The other products it manufactures are the textile printers, 3-D digitizers, photometers, and other sensing products.

This company is formerly a merger between Konica and Minolta in January 2003, and the corporate structure finished restructuring in October 2003. Different groups in the company like the national operating companies and headquarter operations began their processes around the same time, although the dates vary. This company also uses a globe mark logo which is similar but different from the former Minolta company. It also uses a similar slogan to the like the one for Minolta company “The essentials of imaging.”

In 2006, the company quitted camera business citing losses and handed it over to Sony. Sony started manufacturing cameras that have lenses which are compatible with the autofocus lens of Konica Minolta. Minolta wanted the camera manufacturer to be partly owned by them, but Sony vehemently refused saying that it either acquires everything or not buy anything at all. Konica Minolta (KM) withdrew from the business in December 2006 and laid off over three thousand seven hundred workers.

After closing the photo imaging division in 2007, the color paper, color film, digital minilab and photo chemical machine divisions ceased operations. Other companies purchased the chemical company and the Odawara factory of KM to continue manufacturing other products. The business of KM expanded, and they are selling their products in Pacific Asia, America, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

The business equipment
Since the Minolta printer’s operations were limited to specific printer models and rebadged printers from other manufacturers, while the printer operations of Minolta were strong after the purchase of QMS, they had to start doing the manufacture together to share their technologies. The KM merger did not affect the operations of the printers. Due to increased complexity of printer devices and MFP, Konica Minolta increased its technology sharing in these product lines. In many locations, it has led to the integration of printing product company into the business equipment product company.

Multifunctional devices
After the merger, bit devices continued selling, while development and research were underway to come up with new products. The first products of the merger were either Konica or Minolta. The products produced were the Konica Minolta 7235 and the Konica Minolta biz hub C350. Successive models started showing technologies from both companies in terms of the system, RIP technologies and features, and operations.

Business companies
There are also other departments of Konica Minolta that offer services in different areas. These companies include the Konica Minolta business solutions Inc., Konica Minolta OPT, Inc., Konica Minolta medical and graphic, Inc., Konica Minolta Sensing Inc., and Konica Minolta healthcare Americas, Inc.

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